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A 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation organized and registered in the State of Ohio to preserve the heritage of previous generations and to educate current and future generations about the Oak Hill, Ohio and surrounding areas by the collection, display, and preservation/care of buildings, land, and articles of historic and educational interest and importance.


The Oak Hill Historical Society is commited to the preservation of history as well as community involvement in the present.  We strive to provide meaningful community events and landmarks to celebrate our past but also provide ways to enjoy the present and look to the future.  

We provide the community with a valuable meeting space with our newly renovated Liberty Theater project.  We currently host numerous classes and events at the theater.  We are working with the Chamber of Commerce on multiple beautification projects in our town as well.  Please visit our News page for pictures of our events and photos of the Liberty Theater renovation project.  We always have upcoming events, so please visit our Events page as well!  

If you would like to book the Liberty Theater for an event - such as a birthday or graduation party, wedding, reception, or reunion, please visit our Calendar page to see our availability and to book your big day!

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